Monday, October 22, 2007

Movies that I Love to Watch Repeatedly

I was originally going to right a post that was political biased, but I have decided not to. I am quite thankful for the friends and acquaintances that have wished me a good birthday. So this post will be about movies, instead.

I had read about movies at Inner Dorothy that I felt I wanted to try and post about, but not exactly like hers.

Ever see that commerical on TNT or TBS that says something like movies for guys who like movies, well this is some of my list. ( Not in any particular order.)

Demolition Man - This guy pretty much blows up the whole city, ends up driving a kick ass car and "gets" the girl.

Full Metal Jacket - Most of just watch the first half and/or recite the first half continually throughout our lives.

Boondock Saints - For the good of man, the bad guys go down.

Sin City - No one is really a good guy in this film, but the worst seem to die in a justified way.

Kill Bill Vol I and Vol II - What is not to like?

Dangerous Liaisons - This film seems to have slipped on by without anyone noticing. I originally saw the play, the movie has its better points that you just can't do in the play.

I have more, but I think I may list them at another time and place. Always fun.