Sunday, March 20, 2011

Physical Evaluation Board

Time has come that my Fun with Navy Medicine will come to a close. I have been on a PEB since January and according to the Magic timeline that was given to me by December I could be on the way out of the Marine Corps. I wrote briefly about the Worst Case Scenarios once before but now that it seems to be reality I have been pinching myself on a regular basis.

The following is what I have learned so far:

During the VA appointment process each member will be assigned a code that is part of the VASRD and the reference for that is 38 CFR part 4. The codes will later translate into the VA's disability rating and has nothing to do with the military's rating. The military rating comes from the unfit condition that is preventing the member from doing his/her job. There can be multiple issues but after the initial is submitted, an addendum for each other unfit condition must be submitted otherwise it doesn't count. Of course the magic number for permanently disability retirement listing (PDRL) is 30 percent or higher. Anything less than that and the member is under 20 years will get a severance package. The math for that is 2 x base pay x # years, if combat related the number of years is 6. Obviously that doesn't help the more senior Marines.
(The unfit condition is anything that stops the Marine from performing ITSS/MOS/PFT/CFT.)

Before a package is sent to MEB the Marine is going to sign it and receive a copy. It was reiterated that the Marine must pay attention for any discrepancies since this will delay the process or give an undesired result from the board.

Right now, I am about halfway through the VA appointment process and have not seen my doctor for my unfitting condition as of yet.

I am going to have to find another theme to right about. Maybe I will write about the squirrels that make my clothes for me and the birds that make my bed.