Friday, February 13, 2009

Rev Gals Friday Five: Pets

In honor of all the beloved animal companions who bless our lives: tell us about the five most memorable pets you have known.

1) Cuddles - an attack toy poodle with a heart condition, Everyone I knew was afraid of this ankle biter, put to sleep in late eighties.

2) Sturgis - Only dog on my street to open the frig and grab a can without breaking it and bringing it to you; died by way of UPS truck 13 years ago.

3) Knuckles - Tree frog, feared by many answered to a few. Lived in a drawer on the USS Nassau ('96), set free in Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico.

4) Lady - Farm dog of my uncle's, she hated cows. Played too hard and was rested after ten years.

5) Sammy - Farm dog of my uncle's, given to neighbor after my uncle's passing.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

People (and Other Non-Specific Ideas)

Recently, I have received several items and monies to be " square" with those individuals that I lent said items to. Which is amazing. I am contemplating the idea that it may be because of the "recent" down turn of our economy and others are thinking twice about returning goods and coin. Or maybe humans can have morals too.

I have been working on the house with Kim and Alec. It is a good thing that Kim knows something about decor, because my idea of it is a pretty basic model for most young men. Not too many niceties, if you get my drift.

I will do a video as soon as I have more than fifteen minutes to kill. It is always nice to have the record of things changing, something to look back on.

I have many projects, the one I am dreading at the moment is my taxes. I started but I figure I have about 2 to 3 hours to go until I have everything to send to my accountant. Yes, I have an accountant. To me, it is worth the 284 buckaroos to have someone else do that crap.

I have been letting my cellphone run dead as of late. Not for any particular reason, other than it is nice not hearing it at 0230( in the morning).

I may have another update on medical soon and with that I may let you all know how my promotion probability situation is panning out.

So you see, I have things to pass...and to blog about.