Sunday, May 22, 2016

Cry for Help, the Grown-Up Edition

We need your help,  if your an avid reader of the blog you are fully aware of the medical issues I have and how long I have been having them.  If not, then search "Fun with Navy Medicine" in this blog and you'll get an idea.

We are needing help fund a vehicle that support our needs, which are: transport me (disabled), my wife (driver), an electrical  (motorized) wheelchair (325 pounds (#)),  my PTSD (Post-Tramatic Stress Disorder) GSD (German Shepherd Dog) "Gunny", my Jack-Russell  Terrier dog "Major", and all the rest of my support equipment(for trips more than 2 hours) which is in 3 large duffel bags.

We kind of settled on the Transit Connect, it's fairly cheap, gas miles per gallon isn't horrible( plus can be converted to ethanol), and it can hold everything I mentioned above comfortably.  Sounds awesome right? (Update, we don't care really what kind of vehicle we get. Aug 2017)   

Well here's the snag, we're poor.  My retirement roughly figures out to 18 thousand a year.  I've been turned down by Social Security 3 times, and the VA keeps rearranging the numbers so I have no guarantee if I'll get anything from them.  Plus, since I can't do anything for myself, my wife does it all; which means she can't have a job and take care of me at the same time.  So our only income is my retirement from the Marine Corps.

Here's the other thing, we're about a quarter of a million in debt. Our home is upside down, so we owe more than we could ever sell it for, like a hundred grand or more.  So if we sell, we still owe and the only thing that changed is we have no shelter but still pay as if we did.

I'm done ranting,  if you want to help, scroll down to the PayPal icon.  It's defaulted to one dollar.