Sunday, April 22, 2007

Self Refelection

The last few hours of my day and the first few of yesterday I have been self reflecting.
Probably long over due, and it was sparked by someone I care about letting me know I have been a jackass lately.

Some of my excuses why, I have been a jerk are kust that excuses. One for example is "everyone" hates the division I work in, the other division mike their priorities from us and we control their work flow. The last few years I have grown to hate this division, but now since I have been put into this billet I can understand the broader and bigger picture. There is no nice things said between divisions or supervisors.
The routine. The routine is the same every day nothing changes.

Well, I am starting to change some of those things and maybe I wont be such a jackass anymore. Tonight at my meeting, I did not say one bad thing about any division and kept it to under 2 minutes. Tomorrow after work myself and another Marine are going to chow. Then last few weeks I have been skipping this meal and so has he. Plus, we "vent" out our days on our way to chow, which might be a factor.

The big thing for me is be postive to the ones I love and appreciate what I have have and what they have given me. I cannot take for granted that they will be there and I must not push them away.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

The 2 -D World

Have you seen the old Warner Brother cartoons with Bugs Bunny and the gang?

I was thinking of one in particular this morning on my way back to my barracks. The one where the sheep dogs greet the wolves back and forth between shifts for day and night. They clock in and out carrying lunchboxes. I remember this cartoon so well because that is how it is here.

Every morning and every evening I greet the same people going in or coming back from work. I feel I may be stuck in that cartoon.

The major difference would be I don't get my own sound effects. And my name is not Ralph.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Packages from Faith Lutheran

I received 3 packages from Faith Lutheran of Valders this past weekend. The boxes were adressed to me, but I gave away most of what was in it to my corporal and lance corporal.

I appreciate the care packages and my Marines appreciate it as well.

Toiletries and any other "consumable" are always in high demand. With summer rapidly approaching, the need for items such as: to dispel insects, sunscreen, lip balm, and lotions will go in high demand.

Again, I thank all that support us out here.