Sunday, April 22, 2007

Self Refelection

The last few hours of my day and the first few of yesterday I have been self reflecting.
Probably long over due, and it was sparked by someone I care about letting me know I have been a jackass lately.

Some of my excuses why, I have been a jerk are kust that excuses. One for example is "everyone" hates the division I work in, the other division mike their priorities from us and we control their work flow. The last few years I have grown to hate this division, but now since I have been put into this billet I can understand the broader and bigger picture. There is no nice things said between divisions or supervisors.
The routine. The routine is the same every day nothing changes.

Well, I am starting to change some of those things and maybe I wont be such a jackass anymore. Tonight at my meeting, I did not say one bad thing about any division and kept it to under 2 minutes. Tomorrow after work myself and another Marine are going to chow. Then last few weeks I have been skipping this meal and so has he. Plus, we "vent" out our days on our way to chow, which might be a factor.

The big thing for me is be postive to the ones I love and appreciate what I have have and what they have given me. I cannot take for granted that they will be there and I must not push them away.