Monday, October 30, 2006

Free stuff (links) I would like to share

Please share this with your units and families. Thank you!

Free Stuff for Troops
- Free computers for spouses or parents of deployed soldier in ranks E1 - E5.
- Free magazines, up to 3 choices, for deployers.
- Free mail/gifts sent to children of deployed soldiers.
- Free phone cards.
- To sign up for sponsoring soldier care packages for theater.
- To have commander sign up for mugs for unit troops.
- Free shoebox care package.
- Free cookies.
- Lowest airfare available.
- Free care packages.
- Free air conditioners/heaters.
- Free air travel for Emergency Leave, and for the family members of injured soldiers to travel to Medical facility.
- Airline discounts for R & R.
- Free books, DVD's, CD's.
- Daily prayer and scriptures.
- Free care packages (your family member signs up to have sent to you).
- Free care packages.
- Get adopted to receive stuff.
- Free gifts and care packages.
- Free bible, Christian video, and book for spouse/family members of deployed troop.
- Free shipping/packing materials for shipping to troops.