Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Mystery Package

I have been dumbfounded the last week or two. I received a mystery package in the mail and do not know where or who it came from.

No, it wasn't a bomb or anything terrible.

It was wrapped in brown paper, with my name and rank, to my Post Office box, and had Merry Christmas written in the reply. Underneath was a gold wrapping paper with a Christmas "To/From" placard with only my first name. The postage was from Jacksonville, but this hasn't helped in looking to see who sent it. The item has come in great use and is unbelievably appreciated, but I would like to thank this person personally if possible.

I figure it must be someone I know, but unfortunately I know a lot of people. I also figure it is a girl, because of the writing. Plus, no man would send a gift like this.

Just want to say 'Thank You' and it is going with me to Iraq.