Saturday, May 26, 2007

R & R

I am currently on R and R. Which is supposed to be Rest and Relaxation. I am on day 4 and it has been nothing but. Someone had said to me that they needed to figure out what made them happy. (I am not that person.) I guess I need to do the same.

The standard things that I do to relax myself are:

1) Body Massage - not one with a happy ending but if they are giving it a away why fight it.

2) Pedicure - I wear boots for 14 plus hours a day, I am sure the ladies would agree this is a must.

3) Beer - what can I say I like the taste, I also like the taste of Captian Morgan with some coke, but not drinking for a 140 days makes that he last drink of the day.

I have found that you truly rest the best after sex. Unfortunately, sex is not on trees and Walmart doesn't carry it.

Going back to the original question, What make me happy? I don't know anymore, I think I fill my days with so much stuff that I don't have time to be happy.

I am content, to be back the states for 2 weeks. I rushed my ass off to get here, slept in all sorts of funky places to get on the next flight or bus, now I look back and wonder why I hurried.