Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I have that.

George Carlin made a joke about the renaming of it. The Shell Shock to Operation Fatigue to PTSD, I think it is funny.

I didn't get mine from Iraq. Nope. I got mine from Zaire. Do you know where Zaire is? Didn't think so. It is now called The Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Before my experience I became a Golden Shellback, I have both the official and unofficial badges for it. This means nothing to most of you, but it means something to many veterans.

Yesterday at my head doctor appointment, he told me that I am one of the few that can disassociate myself from my experience. Most of the time I can, sometimes not so much.

I hope as I start my life with a future wife and possible children that I can still be one of the few.