Sunday, August 29, 2010

Blogs and the Tools That They Are

My original idea was to use this blog as a communication tool with my family. At one time, it grew into a stress reliever. After the many rants and raves, time came when I thought I didn't need this outside opinion anymore. Since my absence, I have mulled over the point of posting more regularly again.

Whether or not anyone being outside my opinion headquarters, my wife and I, gives me an opinion I really do not care.

After saying that and you are still here reading. Then to me you are either very thick in the head or you know me better than you know yourself.

My wife is trying this thing we call a blog. It would do me well if you have poor opinions to either leave it in your head or write them here on my blog. ( Yes, the armor is still shiny.) Her blog address is:
(Those that know me know that it took me 5 times to figure out how it was spelled.)

Happy toolbox hunting.