Tuesday, May 19, 2015

When did I Grow?

When I joined the Marine Corps I was pretty skinny.  I didn't feel skinny, but people (especially older women) kept telling me to eat more.  And that my friends was the problem,  I did eat and I ate everything.   I never needed to eat healthy,  not that I wanted to eat healthy mind you.  Healthy for some reason seems to mean "not taste good."   I'm sure some of must taste good and there is probably some it the maybe will fill up, but for me it's never been on the table.

As life progressed for me it seemed that the only part of me that grew consistently was my shoulders and my ego.  It seemed that every few months I had to keep getting my dress and service jackets re tailored for my shoulders. I went 17 years in the Marine Corps until I had to get my waist tailored.  SEVENTEEN YEARS! 

So basically I was 35ish went my waist went passed the 29 inch mark.  That really pisses people off.  I mean like it's the end of the fucking world, pisses people off like state.   I would hear crap like I don't know how to appreciate such a thing or life is not fair.  I never did figure out why it's my fault my parents had sex and "poof" I get these genetics.  [ Not part of this story:  I also got this odd internal body health gene where stuff like blood pressure and heart rate is always "good/great no matter what.] 

Well the good part is now, this part of my life (after the Corps)  it doesn't matter anymore.   I'm still below my max weight, which is also a sore subject with people, but doesn't really matter anymore. Yea!

If you haven't guessed my health is now a priority,  my maybe I sinned against the healthy fairy or killed the angel of good health, but my health like weight, physical ability, mental, and spiritual health has gone to fucking shit.

Back to the thesis, I've grown and I don't remember how it happened.  I am no longer that skinny kid from nowhere-ville.  Now I'm the skinny kid with a small "ladies" basketball inside my stomach who has been to 37 countries (2 that don't exist anymore).  I guess I'm cultured.

Does anyone remember how they got here?  No one started off "here"  but somehow we all got here.