Saturday, March 05, 2016

Retirement of Things

The actual retirement, you know the part of not going to work anymore is awesome and hasn't worn off yet, but (and this is a big BUT) everything else seems to have hiccups or large stop signs.

I am medically retired and made it to about 246 months, give or take a day or two.  That should mean something in the veteran world, at least,!  don't you think?
I can't complain too much about Tricare that was a big winner for all that time in service, but they haven't lived up to there part of the deal either.
The DAV actually has helped me more while I was active duty than retired thus far and I'm a paid in full life member. There are 2 organizations that helped us out big time that first month, the Semper Fi Fund and  SALUTE, Inc.
Then there is the VA, if you've just got a glimpse of my handicap issues then you'd know I need the healthcare part.  Just a quick side note, where did all that money go that Congress gave them a few years ago?
We thought that at least the dental part would be helped, since I have TMD, grinding and  clenching, and tooth and gum problems.  The last time I had dental work I had to have it in the Operating Room at a hospital, just to make sure I didn't die during the dental work, and I still went info the ICU and was kept overnight.  So in short, I need massive dental "insurance".
I have slew of other issues that I haven't even been seen by an initial doctor.  Big one is orthopedics, if I could get a hip replacement, then maybe just maybe I could walk with a "walker".  But the longer VA waits the more my legs aprotree(sp.) and walking may never happen.
Really I could go on and on, but using this software I have to type for me is fucking difficult,  and the punctuation is a bitch.  Plus I slur my words alot after seizures and right after I get up in the morning.
I'll say this if care doesn't improve real soon my caregivers' and I will probably have depression as our or your main worry.