Saturday, October 08, 2005

Friends and Enemies

Since being back have run into many people that I have known before. The vast majority are good friends, but on occasion there are those people that I wish to have been run over instead of seeing them again.

I would like to think that most people I encounter view me as a friend, but I think that would be over stepping my boundaries. I admit it, when I meet someone that I don't like I tend to let them know about it. {There are exceptions to the rule.}

Some of the people who obviously do not like me have been avoiding me. I know this because I keep running into their coworkers. A little odd. Some of you know this person or people and I do find it quite odd.

The funny part is, I am not looking to pick a fight, have an argument, or have a run in with anyone while I am here. I feel that I can hold my own and be the bigger person.