Friday, October 28, 2005

The Last Week in Yuma

Well, someone "fucked up" and the phrase of SNAFU comes to mind. The crappy schedule I had when I first got here is back. Oh, and my renter, he just turned my landlord experience into FUBAR. He pissed off the neighbors and they called the county, which in turn puts me in a violation that if not fixed shortly will cost me a $10,000.00 a day fine until fixed. Hopefully, this will be taken care of before I leave the states.
The whole part that really chaps my ass is that the person who turned in the individual that did the wrong should have taken care of the Marine instead of fucking him and everyone else. This statement would not have been foreign 5 to 10 years ago nor would it be when my father or anyone else's family was in the military. The situation did not harm anyone and the violation was not a major one. I am not saying to break the rules, the rules are there for a reason. All I am saying is this Marine just needed to be looked after for about twenty feet and all would have been fine.
What is the one thing that Marines do the other services do not do or do not take pride in?

Well, the answer is history if this truly is the "new" Marine Corps.

The good is part is a friend is visiting me for the last few days. I hope the best for that.