Saturday, April 22, 2006

Collateral Duty Inspector

I finally took all my tests for my CDI stamp. This stamp is important and I will explain it in the simplest terms I can.

Normally, there is 2 workers or technicians that fix and troubleshoot any aircraft parts (gear) and once the work is done a verification process takes place. This verifier is the CDI. The CDI checks the gear to see if it Ready For Issue (RFI), checks the tools, and verifies any publications used were the correct ones or correct processes were used. One complete "run" of the gear will be in the presence of the CDI.

The CDI is also responsible for accuracy of the tool count and count of any consumables used. The CDI has some more jobs and responsibilities, but for a basic understanding of the role I think this will suffice.

At my last command, I was a QAR (Quality Assurance Inspector) which is similar to a CDI, but is two steps above.

Since this is an important role in the grand scheme of things, extra responsibility, the amount of "free" time I have will mostly likely drop to a minimum. Such is life.

It is also a possibility that I may go on a short float or boat det. If this is the case, I may not find out until the day of. Which is standard Marine Corps policy. (This is only a joke, if you never have served.)

What I do know as fact, is I will be rewriting the CDI test for my shop. QA has informed me since I found all the mistakes in the test and scored a 100 percent, this would make me the perfect candidate to rewrite it.