Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Is this really talking?

I read another blog ,in which the writer was saying this is talking. I put in my 2 cents there already.

The thing is I believe I write as I would talk, but I am writing. This is a one way conversation with the benefits of comments after I have already made my points. Granted, I read your comments more often than I post to the blogs and sometimes my opinions will sway one way or the other, but my opinion is still quite solid after it all.

(Could be the "German" in me, but I am quite stubborn.)

Still this is argument is hardly worth having, can you hear me? I think not. And if you have never met me before, you wouldn't know how I stress my sentences. It probably would help if you knew what I sounded like and I could probably put in sound, but why? I see no reason for it.

So the point I am making is this is not talking.