Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Jacksonville, North Carolina

The city has changed and not changed at the same time. There is this spaghetti of roadwork outside the bases that make the transition fun. Unfortunately, the only bars I frequented when I was here in the '90s were strip clubs. Well, now I am all strip club out and had to find a new hole in the wall.
I think I may have that bar. It is Rena J's. The crowd constantly changes and the bartenders all have one thing in common. I take that back, one of them is not as endowed as the others.

The base has done some improvement so I look forward to that. The command is like all others, it is a change from the last one. I met the Sgt Maj and he seems nice enough for me.

The big question in everyone's mind when I talk to them is the obvious one, promotion? The list comes out in a few weeks, then we can all talk about it.