Monday, September 18, 2006

Let me tell you about TPS Reports, Part II

The military has a lot of paperwork. In fact, the government bought all these computers so now we can have more paperwork because it is so much easier than handwriting. ( If that last sentence made sense, you need my job.) I have a problem at the moment, I am currently living in a "temporary" room and awaiting for my paperwork to come back so I can move off base. Well, my "temporary" room comes with a roommate. I don't like roommates unless she smells good at least half the day. I rate to have my own space of 270 square feet. The room I am in is 150 square feet. Do you see a problem?

I am getting off track with this.

My paper work has been "lost" 4 times thus far. How does one lose 20 sheets a paper stapled to a bright blue folder and has all my "personal info" in?

There are other stipulations that I fall under, but what is the point of listing them here? The point is, I rate to live off base, give the extra pay I need to secure a home to rent.

(Yes, I am ranting. I just wish I could rant about something else at the moment.)