Saturday, January 27, 2007

Quit Smoking: Day 1

Since I am in Iraq, and I can't drink alcohol, plus I hate spending the money on it, I figured it may be time to quit smoking. The whole last week I was taking a Zyban, a drug originally for anti-depression, to build up in my system. Today I am on the patch with the drug. The theory is since I have tried to quit using the pill and failed, and I have tried using the patch and failed. I should be able to quit with both of them.

Its the two negatives make a positive theory.

I am only about an hour into it, so I can't say whether I feel any discomfort by not smoking yet. Just so you all know, I am considered a 2 pack a day smoker. That's 40 cigarettes a day or about two thousand one hundred and ninety dollars a year for my smoking habit. Would make a nice house payment or a great gift for my girlfriend.