Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Quit Smoking: Day 5

The urge to pick up a cigarette has pretty much gone away, but ( there always seems to be one) the nicotine urge hasn't. I had forgotten my patch yesterday and by 0800 I was hurting. By 0930, I had a new one on. On Sunday, I am stepping down to a lower patch and then the week after its bye-bye nicotine. Mid-February I should be completely nicotine free.

Just think, 18 years of smoking and all I got out of it....hold on...I got a bunch of shit because I was a smoker. I networked like it was going out of style. I received a bunch of stuff from good ol' Phillip. Phil even gave me birthday presents, hell, he remembered better than my friends.

Okay, I know what you are thinking, smoking is bad. Then again, so is getting your head chopped off by a rotating rotor of a 53 because you didn't listen to the crew chief for she was a couple of ranks lower than you and what could she know and you didn't wear your hearing protection 'cause you think that is for sissies so now you can't hear when she said don't go that way 'cause you'll get your head chopped off, is also.

I don't know maybe you should make the call.