Saturday, June 16, 2007


Morally speaking, I have always been more happy, in the long term sense of the word, while being deployed than when I have been in the states in garrison. I am mean let's face it, my personal life is generally fucked up most of time. I may have a few fleeting glimpses of happiness or "lustfullness", but really the longest time that I have been happy, my other half hated me, so that means I wasn't happy.

(Don't start calling the Chaplin, I am far from that. I like me. A lot.)

The companionship that I have never achieved as a married man, I obtain from being with my brother in arms.

I am a social animal that enjoys a good conversation with just about anyone.

(Don't worry I am straight, I like women.)

This might be why I have been thinking about going to Japan after this duty. We were stuck on an island and we made the best of it.

Something is definitely missing when I spend time in the states, I am just not sure what it is.