Monday, June 18, 2007

Donations and Self Donations

While I was on leave I sent 12 packages to myself for Iraq. Four of which were filled with underwear and socks. Those items I felt are a little too personal as far as asking for donations. Three other boxes were filled with stuff for my bicycle that I put together from broken bikes that were scattered around. The rest were filled with magazines, old mail, and a feather pillow. I have always enjoyed a good feather pillow to sleep on.

When I got back in country, there were several packages from all sorts of people and I distributed most or all of the items to my Marines. I one package, however, was a package of dried fruit and nuts. This particular item was well received by all.

I do have some personnel requests: Outside Thermometer, "Dried Fruit" such as banana chips, and "green tea by Lipton".
Requests from the Marines include : LED lights, Baby wipes, powdered drink mixes, Scotch tape, dried fruit and nuts, and chocolate

Chocolate bars will not make it to Iraq, many have tried and many have been received as a soupy mess.