Sunday, July 01, 2007

My 2 Hour Window

Everyday I have a two hour break when nothing happens. It is not exactly the same time everyday but it happens everyday. This time I generally use to walk about the work areas or talk to some Marines about home. The last few days I have been using it for my blog and read other blogs of interest for me. (All are morally safe.)

This one group of blogs that I have been following are by a group of pastors(one term for all types, for simplicity) for churches all over the US. The one that caught my interest first was "Cheesehead in Paradise" , for obvious reasons.

One thing, of these blogs, is most of these pastors seem to like Monty Python's Holy Grail. I always thought this movie was exactly the opposite of what your spiritual leader was supposed to like. Maybe I have been wrong all these years.

What I should be doing in my 2 hour window is write some letters back home. So I decided that I will do one a night instead of writing all of them at once.