Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I see a Finger and Thumb in a Shape of an "L" on People's Foreheads

In MARADMIN 428/05, my name is clearly not listed. I am not going to be promoted.
I know and fear my suspicions were right and the reason seems to point to my PME.
I wasn't really happy about the fact I was told by a person I despise, respect, but despise.

My options are:
1) Receive the training I am missing and kiss a lot of ass.
2) Prepare for the civilian world.
3) Be disgruntled, and piss everyone off.
4) Or go see the "doc" for all those "things" that I have been "sucking up" with for the last decade.

Currently, I feeling that option 1 is the best course of action.