Friday, February 17, 2006

The Family

The family consists of small and large idiosyncrasies that the various people took hold.

The Brain- one who know it all but would not help anyone
Alkie- self proclaimed, but was more of a binge(r)
Bob- name changed so often this ended up being easier
Loud Mouth- louder than a pack of ravished dogs
The Grunt - he wasn't one, but knew enough to help us all
Motivator- didn't get the award, but helped the spirits
Brother(s) - when calling one of there names, you never knew who you were going to get
The Indian - self explanatory
The Closet Alcoholic - drunk enough for the whole class
The Philanderer - nothing concrete just rumors
Pat- he or she
The Tramp - Same as above
Gung Ho - didn't get the award, but came close
The Cook- said he was one, hard to tell though
BA - it doesn't mean what you think
Silk- so smooth that he slipped by
AFN - could be a Dan Rather or Walter Croncrite in the Future
The Bitch - love and hate, if you know what I mean
Comic Relief - could make a room disappear or reappear at random
That Winger Guy - came down to 1 in 5 of us at any given time
The Cowboy - you didn't want to go in a dark alley without this one

~- there were several others that missed out on being seen and known, but since the family was there nothing would be amiss-~