Friday, February 10, 2006

Life Force

I feel the life force of my body has completely drained from me.

We, the Sergeant's Course were in the field for 2 days and practiced a "fake" war. We did some patrolling( actually a lot), ambushes, defensive perimeters, rear area security, envelopes, frontal attacks, and room clearing in an urban environment. Which all of that took place in about a 26 hour period, I myself, snuck in about 2 10 minute naps somewhere.

At the end, we hiked(humped) 8.75 miles with 85 pounds packs( I weighed mine), full gear(war gear), and weapons( I got lucky with only a M-16). Of course we didn't "walk" at nice comfortable pace, it was more a 6 to 7 miles per hour pace.

I slept from noon till now and I am fixin' to go back to bed soon.