Saturday, August 20, 2005

Being a child once again.

The thought or idea when asked of the junior Marines here are we are all kids that need constant supervision. I personally do not remember having this many restrictions ever in my life. Especially as a child. The idea is that the junior ranks (lower than mine) statistically are the ones in trouble. So, the restictions imposed make the average Marine stationed here feel like they are in the "tiniest of rooms" and have leash no longer than a few inches.

When I was a child I did not receive a punishment (or restriction) until I personally did something wrong. My older brother's wrong did not dictate my restrictions.

I hope I am getting my point across.

Tonight, I was checked, meaning someone of higher rank came into my room and verified that I am of age to drink, for which I was drinking alcohol, and I live in a clean and presentable manner. Which I am, because I feel why dirty up something that I have to clean in a few days when I can clean it as it happens. Or in other words, I pick up as I go. The thing is that this room I live in is 10 by 15 feet of livable space and has a area about 4 by 4 feet by the door that is completely useless. There is a mirror there, so that helps. I share my bathroom with other of the same rank and the bathroom is about 8 by 4 feet which includes a shower and a toilet. This space is all I have to make unclean.

I have to show my ID ever time I leave and enter my barracks. This great and all, but if the MPs are doing there job then everyone here is supposed to be here. The duty does not verify that I live here, just that I am military.

Really, I have yet to figure this one out. I know there is a reason, but it has me stumped. I asked a few people of higher ranks and they didn't know either.

The thing that really gets me is when I recieve a promotion to the next rank most of the restricitons go away. I am the same person as before but because I am the next rank all is better.