Thursday, August 18, 2005

PT, The Acting Sgt. Maj. And Inspections

From the time I got on station to about the 1st week in September, I am required to wear a white undershirt for PT. The theory is that if someone is going to need medical attention the newer personnel will most likely be the ones who need it. I personally think I may be in better shape than the personnel who have been here awhile.

The acting Sgt. Maj. is a MGySgt. and in keeping with the traditions of the Sgt. Maj., who is currently TAD, has weekly briefs with the Sgts. and below. I have witnessed only one thus far, but my fellow Marines tell me this "brief" is the same every week. My opinion of the brief is to keep it brief and have once a month. I did suggest it to the Sqdrn GySgt. and I will not repeat what he said to me.

Tomorrow, I will have the great opportunity to inspect the "C" uniform. Plus, I have been informed by my superior that "we" will be doing a different uniform inspection including JOBs at least once a month if not more.