Thursday, February 15, 2007

Night Crew

I am currently working nights, which in turn would mean I am working a shift similar to one in the States that would be a day shift.

I go to work when it is daylight and I leave work when it is daylight, but during work it is dark outside unless the moon is out.

To me it seems I get less accomplished on night crew, but the stress is lower. Our power goes out regularly, which in turn means not a lot of maintenance gets done in the dark. Unfortunately, the timing is not regular.

I do get to reflect on my day more, but time to stand in line for the phone seems futile since we need power, and the only time I have that is free is when we don't have power.

Gotta love it.

Really the best part of the day for everyone is "mail call." Everyone loves it when they get a letter. Not everyone does, so I share. (Goes back to that "Any Marine" program.)

I have sent out several replies in the last few days, I hope it doesn't take too long.