Saturday, June 18, 2005

Thomas L. Stueber Jr.

Thomas L. Stueber Jr., age 29, of 1105 Dewey St., Manitowoc, died Sunday evening, June 12, 2005, at Holy Family Memorial Medical Center, Manitowoc.

Funeral services will be held at 10 a.m. Thursday at St. Michael?s Catholic Church, Whitelaw. The Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated by the Rev. James Jugenheimer with burial to follow at St. Michael?s Parish Cemetery.

Thomas was born Dec. 21, 1975 in Manitowoc. He was the son of Jane Mueller and the late Thomas L. Stueber Sr. He was a graduate of Valders High School with the class of 1994 and continued his education at the Lakeshore Technical College receiving his associate?s degree in computer aided design. Thomas was employed with Wisconsin Aluminum Foundry since 1994 as a CAD/layout supervisor. On May 15, 2004, Thomas married Nicole Kane at First German Evangelical Lutheran Church, Manitowoc. He was a member of the Viking Bow and Gun Club in Valders and was involved in the Tuesday night trap league. Thomas had a great love for life, enjoyed his time with his wife, family, pet dog, Carmen, along with time spent hunting.
Tom was my best friend. And after the funeral and wake I realized he was many people's best friend.
Tom and I had something different, we would call each other, " Assholes." But this wasn't what he would hear and it is not what I would hear. For some strange reason, this translated into, "your the best friend I have ever had and I would do anything for you." Funny, isn't it? If you knew him and me, you would know this was true.
For the last 10 years, Tom, had picked me up from the airport when arriving or taken me back when I would leave. This is the first time I flew back to Wisconsin and something was missing.
Now, I really didn't write this post to be sad. Tom would have not liked that one bit.So here are a few of the memories that I will cherish.
Everytime, we would go back to Sam's (for whatever) he would stop in the kitchen, find the biggest bowl he could find and fill it with all the toasted garlic bread he could find. By the time we would leave there seldom was any left.
-And if the bar was open, he would just stuff his pockets ,when no one was looking.
One time, Tom and I went to a party to watch a boxing match. Of course this party, was just that a party. I got kicked out of the house some down the line for doing something stupid and was trying to find Tom to tell him I had to leave. Well, I never found him. I drove and his jacket was in my car along with his keys to his parents house, and it was in the middle of winter in Manitowoc. I made it home, put my keys in the same place I always put them and passed out.When sometime in the middle of the morning he had found a ride back to Valders. He climbed upstairs outside in the snow and it was snowing, got my keys found his jacket and his keys and headed for home.
Well, he never actually made it home. He got about 2 houses away and decided to sleep under the porch until his neighbor woke up and kicked him towards his own house.
Sometime, I figure about 3 or 4 hours laterI woke up and couldn't find my keys. I got my spare set and trekked off to Tom's house. When I got there he was sleeping in his own bed, and if you Tom, he is near impossible to wake up. After I finally got him awake and semi coherent, he told me that he got ride about an hour after I left, got back to Valders, couldn't wake me, so he got his crap from my car, locked the doors, and set my keys on top of the driver side front tire.Tom and I spent about 3 hours looking for my keys in impacted snow.
That is not the end of the story, Tom always got back anything I had ever done to him.
- It was a NewYear's Eve a few years later and I was in the Corps by then. I was home and he said his girlfriend, Nicole, would drive us out to Whitelaw and drive us back. Ha Ha. Well, I didn't take a jacket and dressed for a hot and sweaty evening, as did he( he was always hot.) We had a great time and people started filtering out about One in the morning, so I look for Tom and Nicole. Neither could be found. Then, the bar was kicking everyone out. So I go outside to find where we had parked and I couldn't find the vehicle. And I know exactly where it was, but it was not there. So I figure, I will go back and see if I could use the phone, well, the doors were locked. At about this time, I could no longer feel anything, I had little iciles forming where sweat had been. As luck would have it, a car just circled the block and it was a relative of mine, opened the door and told me he would give me a ride. Whew!
Sometime the next day I got ahold of Tom, and all he would do was laugh, and tell me I should've ate more. That way I wouldn't have been so cold. ( He did say that alot.)
I have alot more memories, but I think these 2 are the only PG rating ones I have. Maybe someday if you see me I will tell you in person some of the adventures we had. There were many and I could talk about him for hours. Tom was truly the best friend I ever had. I will miss him greatly. I know if Tom is with me he never stop laughing at all the dumb things I do, that's what friends are for.