Friday, July 08, 2005

Pay and Benefits

For some reason I knew I could not leave Yuma without a hitch. I had asked for 1 month advanced pay and for repayment in 24 months. What I received was, 60% of 1 month pay and repayment in 12 months. That missing 40% means I will not be able to pay off everything I needed to pay before leaving the good ol' USA and I will have more taken out for repayment in my paycheck every month. This puts a damper on things a little. I am having a problem with fixing this due to the fact I have already picked up my orders and all data about me has been shredded at the respective administration sections.

July 11th 0930 CST- Reply to comments-

If you didn't know it, I am a little less than a quarter of a million in debt. Granted a good chunk of that is the house. I spent 9500 on my driveways and only 3500 of that was my money. The rest of that recent expense I am trying to pay off. ( At least to the contractor that gave me a break with it.)