Monday, August 20, 2007

The 10 Percent Rule

Over the years of being in the military I have "lost" many things. Somewhere along the line I discovered it was surprisingly enough to be about 10% of my belongings. There was a year or two in there where it wasn't a material thing, it was social or emotional. ( Heart rippings)

One year it was like 40 CDs out of my 400 CD collection. Another was about 50 DVDs out my 500 DVD collection. Just so you can get an idea.

The material things tend to wind up in someone else's possession because they think they bought it. An example would be "LA Story" one of my favorites movies. I have bought it seven times. I don't know anyone who has bought this movie.

So now, being in this deployment, I was wondering what was going to be lost. It may end up being a combo. Heart rippings, CDs, my truck jack and the tire iron, that is about 10 or so.