Friday, August 31, 2007

Green Bay Packers Tops My List

People keep asking me for specifics on what "I" want.

At the moment, I want to watch the Packer game. I m going to miss the whole season. Can you believe it? (Me either.)

I have been asking for the glow in the dark galaxy since being out here. I guess "they" stopped making those in the eighties.

I have always been a fan of dried fruit, you know, banana chips and such.

Obviously, Twizzlers are my favorite. I know that gets expensive, so I don't expect them.

My really expensive taste is the beef jerky. I truly believe the best comes from this grocery store in School Hill, Wisconsin, but the jerky coming from North Dakota comes in a close second.

(I realize by posting this I am not really asking any "one" person, which in turn means I am not going to get anything that is listed above. It is okay, I can handle rejection.)