Friday, August 17, 2007

Rational Thoughts

I paid another Marine 5 dollars for the grape kool-aid singles box that he had. I have no idea what this sort of thing actually costs to buy in a store and send to Iraq, but it was worth five dollars. The silly part is I probably would have paid more for it.

I have had the same twenty five dollars and sixty-two cents in my pocket since I came back from leave in June. For me really to spend it, I would have to get up two to three hours early or stay awake for four to five hours extra. Then I could go in the "exchange" for the item needed, problem is there is nothing in there I want or need. The items I need are always gone, because there a shitload of other people that need the same thing. As I stated earlier I would need to stay up or get up early, to find out the items I need are not there. Kind of seems like mindless banter, doesn't it?

I noticed since summer has pretty much come and is going, the number of care packages has gone down significantly. I am not complaining, just an observation.

Times when we can't call or visit the Internet, tend to blur together. The only one I have called is my Mom, since being back in country. I was thinking of calling a few others but I have been making excuses on why I should not.

My roommates and I have finally come to some sort of agreement on the temperature of the room. I think they are leaving soon, so they probably don't care as much.

What is wrong with orange, grape and cherry flavors? Why can't we get normal flavors? I mean the kiwi-banana-avocado is interesting but it doesn't taste very good.