Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Cusp of Criticism

According to the research I have found I was born into the Cusp of Criticism. Which may be the "duh" factor here.

Some of my research dictates that "we" are definitely something special. We combine personal charm and attractiveness with intelligence and talent. Although we shine effortlessly, they are natural loners who draw strength from privacy. We want to make our mark on the world and may even feel that we are destined to do so.

A preference for excesses is the key to understanding the health habits of people like me. We may equate a surfeit of food and drink with happiness, which could lead to the yo-yo dieting effect. Since these traits could be deep-rooted, we may benefit from professional advice. With our optimism and enthusiastic flair for life, those of us, don't put up barriers to what we can accomplish. If we want something, we go after it with tenacity. Even though we do not judge our level of success by how much money we make, we want to be recognized for our talent and ability.

Individuals born on the cusp of Libra (the seventh Sign of the Zodiac) and Scorpio (the eighth Sign of the Zodiac) are ruled by both Venus and Pluto. Here, the fair judgment of Libra adds intuition to the cool, precise skill of Scorpio. The end result is something quite remarkable...if care is taken in development. Coupled with the inherent Libra craving for excitement is the bold and pleasure-seeking Scorpio mind, which is strong in self-control and determination, standing ready to carry into action whatever seems worthwhile. However, the ability to turn ideas into accomplishments often produces a marked egotism among these cuspians, which is all the more reason why they should seek higher goals in culture, education and social life. Whatever is achieved by these individuals, they will cling to with much tenacity and they can easily drift into narrow-mindedness and unscrupulous behavior if not careful. These are souls who are easily flattered, particularly by popular acclaim, and flare into anger toward those who oppose their schemes. Yet, when intuition and judgment are developed to their fullest extent, these are not only dynamic persons, but ones who are endowed with the rare presence of mind customarily found in the fields of medicine and the military.

This cusp melds the airy (or mental) nature of Libra with the watery (or emotional) characteristics of Scorpio...not necessarily an easy task. Many times, the two aspects of this personality are at war with each other...the head guiding and the heart denying (or vice versa). Hence, these natives can find themselves in a deep dilemma when the intellectual and emotional clash. Periods of indecision associated with Libra may be broken by outbursts of aggression inherent in the Scorpio nature. Alternatively, the customary self-assured determination of Scorpio may be undermined by the Libra love of repose and tendency to procrastinate. Cultural awareness and a talkative nature will help these individuals to shine in any social situation and they are experts in communication and abstract reasoning. Yet, at times, the tensions and disappointments of life may prove to be overwhelming, so much so that those governed by this cusp may retreat into isolation. Therefore, Libra/Scorpio individuals benefit from physical exercise, fitness training, sound diets and all activities that promote healthy contact with the world at large, thereby lessening the unfortunate bent toward isolation. Mentally, these are perceptive and sharply insightful souls. However, they do possess a certain sense of personal infallibility coupled with a tendency to be overly critical. The disapproving or denigrating attitude of these cuspians can hurt those close to them, undermining the confidence of others in subtle ways.

Libra/Scorpio natives have a decidedly modern approach in many areas, but they also harbor an undeniable sense of tradition. This is particularly apparent in their devotion to parents and children, in whose lives they play a large role...sometimes a little too large. Still, that is not to say that these cuspians will readily accept the values of their parents. Indeed, it is usually quite the opposite. The attachment here is more emotional. After a normally stormy and rebellious adolescence, those born on this cusp often return to an extremely close relationship with their parents later in life. As responsible as the majority of those ruled by this cusp seem in most areas of everyday life, they possess a side which is undeniably wild and unpredictable. Dramatic and impulsive, they will fly in the face of society's moral codes without hesitation, asserting their personal values or expressing themselves both cogently and flamboyantly. Even the mildest of individuals ruled by the Libra/Scorpio cusp tend to be somewhat exhibitionistic...wanting and needing others to take notice of them. Here, the private life may well include a plethora of love affairs...a path strewn with the broken hears of those with whom they have had relationships. The particular brand of charisma, impulsiveness and mental powers associated with these natives makes them formidable individuals. When it comes to involvements, they may be even more than a little dangerous given their natural talent for being seductive, attractive, commanding and intense.

Highly motivated and usually loyal, those governed by this cusp are often misunderstood and may be perceived as dictatorial or sarcastic. If there is an ulterior motive, they can indeed be overbearing, but normally in a subtle, sly or manipulative manner. These are individuals who are both mystical and scientific...a combination that results in high awareness of what is truly happening around them. Since this cusp is associated with a passionate nature, care should be taken to avoid self-indulgence or compulsion. In addition, there is no doubt that this blend of Signs has a tendency toward a definite lazy streak. Still, this is generally barely perceptible given the enjoyment of difficult pursuits that challenge these persons to excel...and they refuse to be anything less than the best. There may also be an affinity here for activities that allow them to get out into nature. Capable of extraordinary originality, Libra/Scorpio natives are clever in business and quick to seize an opportunity.

The greatest strength of Libra/Scorpio cuspians is to be found in their drive for peace and harmony, coupled with a determination to see things through to the end. The natural skill for seeing all sides of a situation, coupled with enormous passion and great strength, makes this combination one of the most powerful characters of the Zodiac.

The most important lesson to be learned by Libra/Scorpio natives is to develop their natural ability to think and act promptly since there is a tendency here to delay things or mull them over for so long that it proves to be costly. As with all cusp individuals, these cuspians tend to be attracted to others born on the cusp...particularly those who fall within the Taurus/Gemini and Sagittarius/Capricorn combination.

-- Possess the theatrical traits inherent in Libra --
-- Possess the serious, deep-feeling and critical traits inherent in Scorpio --
-- Counted among the most critical individuals of the Zodiac --
-- Possess a facile mind and sharp tongue --
-- Sought out for honest opinions --
-- Tend to hold nothing back --
-- Once committed to a project, will refuse to stop until completion is attained --
-- Need to learn how to relax and have fun --
-- Need to concentrate on the future while still living for today --

Interesting to know this. Don't you all think? Then again it could all be hogwash.