Thursday, October 09, 2008

Politics for a Thursday

Here is the problem:
Currently we have majorities in the House and Senate of Democrats. Plus, it is highly possible that after the November election that the Senate with have the "sweet 60". This means there is no possible way to filibuster a bill going through. Layman's terms mean everything goes through no matter what.

Now if we, The People, elect a Democrat for President, then what is going to stop them from doing everything they want?


This is a serious issue. Everyone better be real happy with what Congress is proposing and what the Democrat President will most likely not challenge.

I foresee a possible civil war. A time when America goes into a socialism government and throws the democratic government to the wayside. I see a time when our enemies will take this time to do us the most harm.

I only hope that The People look at all points of every candidate and make a sound decision before voting in this year's election.