Monday, October 27, 2008

The One Armed Man, Part II

Problems have persisted since my surgery, mostly pain induced ones. I have been on Morphine for about two weeks now and it doesn't help the way the doctors tell me it is supposed to help. Most people can't tell the difference, meaning I seem the same to them. When the pain comes back real strong, I know it is the pins in my wrist that are part of enigma. Since getting the Pain Pump off, I have been able to take showers regularly and make most meals. I did slip out for birthday and went out to a comedy show, which I enjoyed.

The hardest things for me to do are(not limited to):
Tying shoes
Putting underarm deodorant on
Washing the right side of my body
Dispensing detergent for laundry
Folding laundry
Falling asleep
Pouring liquid into a glass
Opening bottles
Opening anything with a plastic seal
Reading a book(turning pages)
Putting jeans on
Tucking in a shirt
Convincing people I am not helpless