Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Under the Thumb

At work, we are having many new faces popping up. All of which are higher ranking than I am. Only one of the three will technically be my boss. I know her more from outside of work than in. I have already talked to her previous subordinates about how it was working with her and the synopsis is a a fifty-fifty split.

I suppose since I have my surgery scheduled for Tuesday, I really won't get to know her appropriately. It will be interesting to see if anyone from my work, will actually check up on me to see how I am recovering. I say this, since, last time no one did, not even a phone call.

There is only two people I work with that even know where I live and both are Corporals. Not from a lack of trying on my part to get the higher enlisted to come over. I have invited everyone on two separate occasions to come over for a light lunch or barbecue.

One might think that at least a drive-by might be in order.