Monday, September 24, 2007


I believe we may actually be having our fall during fall season. Yesterday the high was 99.5 in the shade. That is a good sign that summer is ending. As I write this (pre-dawn), is 76 outside.

I would say the leaves are turning and animals are hibernating, but I am not in Wisconsin. There is a bush or a palm about but nothing with leaves per se. I do believe there will be more animals scurrying about. The bats are always fun. I don't remember if I have seen any rats this week. The local birds look very similar to crows. I don't see them flying south yet.

We don't break out our dark colors for fall. we will be dressed very similar to the picture down a few posts. I do have a scarf but it not for heat. It is for sand storms.

It will be interesting to see if fall will be a few days or weeks. I really doubt it will be a month.