Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The World of a Home Owner

Did you know that I was a H.O.?
That is home owner.

I need to fix "stuff", says my PM (Property Manager). (I thought that was one the reasons I pay him monthly.) He says I don't have enough $$$ but won't tell me how much I need. He tends to be vague in what needs to be done. For some reason, everyone keeps forgetting I am in Iraq.

It is like sure I will go down the road to Home Depot, pick up the widget and fix the problem. What a second, there is no Home Depot in Iraq. In fact, my home in question is 17000 miles from here.

So it looks like I need to put in a carport or garage, the good part is the concrete is already there. Whew! There is something wrong with my irrigation system(the whole property has water lines with spickets every twenty feet or so). An awning is suggested by the PM for the west side(I was previously looking at the north side). My railroad ties that hold some ground need replacing.

My preliminary estimate for this is pretty evil. If I could do the work myself that would help, but then you see the dilemma. I sent out for some estimates, one of the contractors asked me if I really was in Iraq, Which I never said I was but my email address has the country in it. Must be a duh factor. The thing is, my PM has access to money for repairs. The whole purpose for the money is maintenance for the property and he knows that. What am I to do?

I have been overseas pretty much two years in a row now and really haven't had a chance to look the property over in a while. There is other things I would like to do with it, but no one has shown me where the money tree grows yet.