Thursday, September 27, 2007

Mail Call

We finally had a mail call after, many canceled mail calls in a row. I recieved this nifty card from one of my aunts(pronounced aw-nt), the youngest. It gave my the biggest laugh in awhile.

It has a picture of a hand on it, with a title at the top that says, ' Move this card back and forth real fast.' So I proceeded to do so for a few seconds and my colleagues then proceeded to laugh at me with the waving card. Inside the card it says, 'That's me waving hello.'

The little things that make us happy.


I also received a letter from Mom and Lynn B. I received a box from Jeff Bader and Mr. and Mrs. West. I dispersed most of the goods to my counter parts, except for my favorites.

I know I have been reading a lot, but I think I have enough books for now. I received nine books today, thank you so much for them. This has been my entertainment here in Iraq.