Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sunday, Day Two Hundred Fifty

I have given my sergeant the first half of the day off. Other than sleeping "in" I really have no idea what the bonus factor is. He seems to enjoy being off for six extra hours. I don't really have any other Marines under my charge, but do have several junior Marines that work in my section during my shift. I probably will not take any time off.

Apparently, the work we are doing has never been done and we are doing it well. These are the reports that we have been getting for awhile now. From where I am at, everyday is quite similar. The oddball day is Sunday, the post office and Dispersing open at a later hour.

If I hadn't been on leave I would be on day 264. I now wish I hadn't taken leave. Actually, I wished I hadn't taken leave while I was still on leave. (You can all read out it in the June posts.)

I look outside and I see huge amounts of sand, for some darn reason this still hasn't changed. We (talking about the facial shavers here) seem to go through large amounts of razors. It should have dawned on me earlier, but since the dust is so fine it likes to attach itself to he hair follicles and act like cement while shaving. Who knew? So our razors go dull faster than normal. It only took us about nine months to figure that one out.

The good news is ..............

Well, I still have my health. Mom and Dad are still alive and kicking (and married). I have been smoke free since January 28th. Except for my "new" truck and the house in Yuma, I am debt free for the first time since 2000. I have glow in the dark stars, and they work just as I have envisioned them to work.

A friend has let me borrow his copy of the seventh book of the Harry Potter series, yesterday. I am on page 225. I am also a little groggy since I read a little too long before going to bed. It is worth it though.