Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Life and Dreams of a Poster

Seems life would be flat.


Now with all seriousness, what do say when someone else has said everything. When you want to give encouragement but it seems that you look "hokey" when you do those things. Then there are those times when you got up on the wrong side of bed and hit the wall, then roll over back out the right side and you still hurt because you hit your head and it throbs so you post mean and disturbing comments but your head still hurts. When you want to comment but can never seem to get the "word verification" right. (I do not have such things here, I have other tricks up my sleeve.) I mean what kind of word is gffklp or rllltts? I can not find them in Websters at all, so I thinking it should be called something like "symbol verification" so then at least it would be putting the round peg in the round hole. (I saw the pun here.) I understand I rarely comment back here as others do in blogs, but I do and will answer all questions even the funny ones, eventually.

I added some more "eye stoppers" on the side bar. Hopefully, my dreams will be met with this sharing. I am still accepting Mae West offers.