Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Problem with the TV

The "new" TV which I bought and was installed on the 9th started acting funny by the 11th. There was a technician here on Friday after I called on Tuesday to fix the problem, but the problem only happened once and he didn't notice it. The TV worked for half a day and by five in the evening was continuing to do the same thing. The sound works but the picture goes black as if it was off. So since I will not get a hold of a technician until the earliest at eight in the morning on Monday this is a short video of what happens.
And if it miraculously works for the short time he returns I have some evidence it is jacked up. You would think with technology the way it is, Circuit City and LG would want to stop people from telling them they were jacked up, but working with both of them has been an awful experience.
The TV is a 47LG50 and it was installed by the store.