Friday, July 11, 2008

RevGals Friday Five: Summer Camp

1. Did you go to sleep away camp, or day camp, as a child? Wish you could? Or sometimes wish you hadn't?
I belonged to 4-H and went to camp there for several summers. It was a few weeks and for the most part we lived in cabins, but always spent a few days "roughing it".

2. How about camping out? Dream vacation, nightmare, or somewhere in between?
I don't camp anymore, since I joined the Corps.

3. Have you ever worked as a camp counselor, or been to a camp for your denomination for either work or pleasure?
I went to a church camp one summer, early teen years with girls.

4. Most dramatic memory of camp, or camping out?
I had sexual relations with one of counselors in my mid-teen years. It was a good experience and it wasn't my first.

5. What is your favorite camp song or songs?
I always enjoyed doing rounds of grace prior to meals at 4-H camp.

God is great! God is good!
And we thank him in the morning, noon and night.
'Cause God, God, God is out of sight!
We thank him in the morning ,every noon and night.
(I still sing it on occasion.)