Friday, January 18, 2008

Death and Taxes, Part II

It seems lately in the blogosphere(made up word) people have been posting about aging, looking older, mistaken age, or even death.

"You look well, it is better than the alternative."

What is the alternative? I don't remember someone giving me that choice. Where is the ACLU, there must be someone we can sue over this. Maybe it is my parents fault, maybe they made this choice for me, maybe there was this card with four choices on it like Choice A was football star; Choice B honor grad; Choice C poster child for "this is your brain on drugs" commercials; or Choice D live a life making lots of mistakes on the way. It must have been something like that. It was probably tucked away in all those forms at the hospital.

I get reminded constantly of my age, well, I am all banged up. It hurts to walk and lift things, I must be old. I get the finger pointing a lot. I am assuming they are looking at my nice ass. (Well, I think it is nice.) I do ride a bike to and from work and to and from the chow hall (DFAC) everyday. Most of the young guys and gals, skip eating lunch, probably because it is pretty cold outside lately. Wacky.

I thinking I will feel like a twenty something was I get back to the states. Lots of dancing, lots clubbing, lots of fun I have been missing.