Tuesday, January 15, 2008

In the year 2000

I could have sworn there was a song with either this title or phrase in the chorus. Regardless, Mathman has tagged me in a meme to recollect the year that I was twenty-five. I was twenty-five from mid October of 2000 to mid October of 2001. Wacky. (If I had used the Martian calender I would be only be seventeen, right now.)

1. I had been out of debt the first time in my life a the age of 25, every dollar (after taxes) was "blow" money. It was very exciting for about three months.

2. I had told myself, that I met the woman of my dreams. September 9th of 2001 was the beginning of the end of that marriage (Blog fodder for future). She was the woman who divorced me later and took most of my money and future money for the least amount of time. (Wife number 2)

3. I was at home, which was odd(taking wife to the airport that day), when I recieved a phone call from work to tell me to turn the TV on. About ten seconds later after turning the TV on , a second plane stuck the smoking building. Everything changed after that.

4. I remember thinking gas was expensive, I was just stationed at MCAS (Marine Corps Air Station) Yuma, Arizona. It was $1.22 a gallon on base. It was not as bad a the cigerettes which were thirty two bucks for a carton on base. I was paying 89 cents for gas (off base) and fourteen bucks for cigerettes in North Carolina earlier in the year.

5. On September 10, 2001, only military (and very high ranking government employees) were allowed to enter the base. I remember being in line of cars and being across the Nissan dealership and not moving, waiting to get on base. This traffic was the same for serveral weeks and we didn't know if it ever was going to different from that.

I tag Diane, Presbyfruit , Magdalene .

This was hard and I am young, seventeen by Martian years. So if you feel you can't do this I understand.