Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Fun with Navy Medicine, Part V

I personally feel I did pretty good, healthy wise, for this deployment. I didn't go see any doctors for anything until November, eleven months into the deployment. That is good right? I haven't been getting much sleep lately. My non broken wrist that I have a splint for throbs with a searing pain for most of my day. Yesterday, my "cocktail " has changed a bit to get me back to the states without crying. I am not a big fan of crying. When I eat I take two (seven and half mg) tablets of meloxicam (mobic). Every six to eight hours I am taking percocet( I can't read the dosage, it is worn off since I keep this my pocket at all times.) To help get me sleeping I take zolpedem (ambien). The crappy part is I still fucking hurt. It pisses me off, you can't even tell visually that I fucked something up, what kind of stupid injury is this? In my mind's eye, I think that if I can just get "home" everything will be better. But will it?