Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Why do this?

Why do I stay volunteered, enlisted in the Marine Corps? I ask myself that question every time I re-enlist.
It is not the money, even though lately the government has been trying to keep us by throwing a few grand our way.
It is not the sacrifice, at one point last year I went twenty seven days without a shower. Not because I wanted to, because there was not enough water for extras.
It is not for the glory, because unfortunately, other than some family and a few friends, there is no recognition.

I told myself one time that I would "quit" after the Marines' Hymn didn't mean anything to me anymore. That when the National Anthem played my chest didn't swell up with pride.

No, I joined for different reasons, but cannot deny what I have done and cannot imagine what life would be with out the Marine Corps.